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No More Powerpoint I Have Impress.js

In this tutorial you will learn how you don’t need to use the old powerpoint presentation software now we have Impress.js. What Is Impress.JS Impress.js is a presentation framework which uses all the new features of CSS3 transforms and CSS transitions to create unique presentations. The idea of Impress.js came from viewing new unique presentations from Lately on Github Impress.js has become very popular and I believe you will start seeing many companies create presentations by using this framework. Impress.js Demos The best way to understand what Impress.js can do is to see some of the presentations that have already been created using the framework. Here is a list of presentations for you to enjoy, they are all much better than using the boring old powerpoint presentations. Official Impress.js Demo CSS 3D transforms CSS 3D Transforms What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design? What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design? Digibury Digibury Wakame […]

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