How to Turn On JavaScript in Windows

Javascript is a scripting language used in the creation of websites online. It allows users to view things such as drop-down menus,…

Click the «Advanced» tab and click «Content.» Click the «Enable JavaScript» check-box and click «OK» to save the changes.

Click «Enable» for Active Scripting in the Scripting section. Click «OK» to save the changes and click «OK» again to close Internet Options. Click the «Refresh» icon to run the scripts

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Click the «Advanced» tab in the preferences window that appears.

Click the «JavaScript Options» button to the right of the «Enable JavaScript» check box to enable individual JavaScript features such as window resizing, hiding the address bar and changing the status bar.

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This hack only works for your current session of play. Once you refresh your browser, the Robux/Tix totals return to their previous amounts.

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